2018/19 U12 – U18 Fixtures Released

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The 2018/19 fixtures for the U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 and 18s are now available.  Please note these fixtures are subject to change, whilst we will try to keep any changes to a minimum.


For other important dates, please visit http://surreyprimaryleague.com/important-dates-diary-2018-19-summer/ 

Under 18s   |   Divisions   |   Fixtures  |   Schedule

Under 17s   |   Divisions   |   Fixtures  |   Schedule

Under 16s   |   Divisions   |   Fixtures  |   Schedule

Under 15s   |   Divisions   |   Fixtures  |   Schedule

Under 14s   |   Divisions   |   Fixtures  |   Schedule

Under 13s   |   Divisions   |   Fixtures  |   Schedule

Under 12s   |   Divisions   |   Fixtures  |   Schedule


The League Secretary is away from the 23rd July until the 5th August. Please expect a delay in the normal response time to your emails.

If your email relates to registering an extra team, please complete this online form, http://register.thesurreyprimaryleague.com/extra-teams-1819.  

2018/19 U7, U8, U9, U10 & U11 Seeding Groups

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We will be announcing the 2018/19 development age groups will be released over coming days. . Please use the links below to find the group and fixtures for your team.

For other important dates, please visit http://surreyprimaryleague.com/important-dates-diary-2018-19-summer/ 

Under 11s   |   Seeding Groups  |   Fixtures  |   Schedule  (To be announced)

Under 10s   |  Seeding Groups   |   Fixtures  |   Schedule

Under 9s    |   Seeding Groups   |   Fixtures  |   Schedule

Under 8s    |   Seeding Groups   |   Fixtures  |   Schedule  (To be announced)

Under 7s    |   Seeding Groups   |   Fixtures  |   Schedule  (To be announced)

If your email relates to registering an extra team, please complete this online form, http://register.thesurreyprimaryleague.com/extra-teams-1819.  

The FA have recently released a new FA Futsal and Mini Soccer Handbook available here

This handbook has been produced for the following reasons:

  • To update the mini soccer laws of the game and add in new optional laws that have been approved via the Leagues Pilot Scheme
  • To encourage Mini-Soccer and Youth Leagues to embed Futsal into their offer
  • To raise awareness of Futsal and the benefits of Futsal to young players and to educate people on the laws of Futsal
  • To promote the need to create a player centred environment providing the very best introduction to the game

Courses Available to Members

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We are delighted to announce the following courses and workshops available to SPL coaches and parents at discounted prices.

FA Emergency First Aid

Date: Tuesday 4th September 2018

Time: 7-10pm (3 hours)

Venue: Byfleet Village FC, Kings Head Lane, Byfleet, KT14 7AT

Prices: Charter Standard Coaches = £16.50, All other coaches = £21.50

ONLINE BOOKING: Click here to book or to find out more

Assistant Referees Course

Date: Wednesday 19th September 2018

Time: 7-9pm

Venue: Byfleet Village FC, Kings Head Lane, Byfleet, KT14 7AT

Prices: £5.00

ONLINE BOOKING: Click here to book or to find out more

Introduction to Refereeing in Mini soccer

Date: Monday 8th October 2018

Time: 7-9:15pm

Venue: Byfleet Village FC, Kings Head Lane, Byfleet, KT14 7AT

Prices: £5.50

ONLINE BOOKING: Click here to book or to find out more

2018/19 Player Registration Opens

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The online player registration system for 2018/19 is now available through http://register.thesurreyprimaryleague.com/players

Here are some tips to answer some common questions and to help you use the online system.
#1 A player’s registration lasts for 1 season.
All players need to be registered online, register.thesurreyprimaryleague.com/players.


#2 A polite reminder that ALL players require a NEW photo for the 2018/19 season. Where last season’s photo is being submitted the registration will be rejected. The photo must be passport size and style – head and shoulders only (no copies of passport photos, selfies, sunglasses, side views, ice creams, etc).

#3 Before attempting to register a player,make sure you have the following for each player.

  1. The player’s name, gender and date of birth.
  2. The name, contact number and email of the parent or guardian of the player.
  3. A scanned copy of the player’s identification document. It must be formatted in either a .pdf, .jpeg or .png format. This can either be;
  • the player’s 2017/18 SPL Team Card or,
  • the player’s passport
  • the player’s birth certificate
  1. recent scanned passport style image of the player. It must be formatted in either a .jpeg or .png format and be 99 pixels in width and 128 pixels in height.

#4 Do not resize the proof of identification, only the photo needs to be a certain size.


#5 Your club secretary can log in to check if registrations have been approved, rejected or are awaiting approval.


Useful Documents

  • Checklist (including how to crop or re-size your photos)
  • Step by step instructions to register your players
  • Age eligibility criteria from The FA
  • Club administrators guide to check registrations

All documents are available from www.surreyprimaryleague.com/administration/

Important Dates for your Diary 2018/19

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We have put together some important summer dates for your diary as we work towards the 2018/19 season.


End of June                  |   Player Registration Live

22nd July                      |   U12 – U18 Proposed Divisions Announced

23rd July – 5th August |   League Summer Break
(No emails will be answered during these 2 weeks)

14th August                  |   U9 – U10 Seeding Fixtures Announced

16-17th August             |   U12 – U18 Fixtures Released

19th August                  |   U11 Seeding Fixtures Announced

26th August                  |   U8 Seeding Fixtures Announced

2nd September            |    U7 Seeding Fixtures Announced

6th September             |    U12 – U18 Pre-Season Managers Meeting

12th September           |    Referees Preseason Meeting

13th September           |    U7 – U11 Pre-Season Managers Meeting

13th September           |    Player Registrations Deadline for first Sunday

16th September           |    Season begins

League Respect Winners 2017/18

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We are pleased to announce the following teams achieved the highest average Player Fair Play, Manager & Coaches and Supporter marks over the 2017/18 season. We had 8827 match cards completed (97% of all matches) and these awards are to highlight your contribution to providing a great playing experience for your players and the opposition. These teams have been invited to collect their awards at the end of season awards at Kempton Park Race course.

U12 Respect Winner – Meadow Sports Reds U12

U13 Respect Winner – Molesey Juniors Tornadoes U13

U14 Respect Winner – Milford Pumas Youth Sharks U14

U15 Respect Winner – Elstead Sharks U15

U16 Respect Winner – Fleet Spurs Youth Trojans U16

U17 Respect Winner – Byfleet Village Cobras U17

U18 Respect Winners – Horsley Youth Reds U18

4.63 (93%) out of 5

(-0.01 compared to 2016/17)

4.74 (95%) out of 5

(+0.01 compared to 2016/17)

4.74 (95%) out of 5

(+0.01 compared to 2016/17)

The average marks above are from the 8827 online match cards that have been completed from the 4540 fixtures played.

97% completion rate.

FA Sin Bin pilot update

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You will be aware the 2017/18 season saw the roll out of temporary dismissals (sin bins) across a selection of leagues across the country, which included the Surrey Primary League. For the SPL we have seen the number of dissent cautions fall from 55 to 29, reduction of 53%. We also received great feedback from match officials and managers on how it improved player to official communication.

Thank you for the match officials, managers, coaches, players and parents that have adapted to include this new Rule into the SPL. As a League Committee we feel it is important to be at the forefront of any initiatives which have the aim to improve behaviour and experiences. The roll out to all Leagues in 2019/20 is justification that we made the right decision.

Anthony ‘Mac’ Mcbirnie has provided some useful insight into the benefits of the Siin Bin on page 6 of the Woking RA Warbler, http://wokingreferees.co.uk/Warbler/February%202018%20final.pdf 

The positive impact of the pilot in reducing dissent has been vast and this success means that in 2018/19 the pilot will be extended to a further 60+ leagues. Further confirmation has been sent that sin bins for dissent will become compulsory at step 7 and below from the 2019/20 season

Results of the pilot nationally:

  • Dissent generally accounts for 25% of all caution offences so is an issue.
  • Dissent cautions within the pilot fell by 38% across the Country.
  • 25 of the 31 leagues saw a drop in overall dissent.
  • When suveyed 80% of referees, 77% of coaches and 70% of clubs wanted the pilot to continue.
  • Incidents of multiple dissent cautions (3 or more players cautioned for dissent in any single game) occurred in less than 1% of all the 135,000 games surveyed.  Games abandoned for not having enough players on the pitch is therefore VERY unlikely!
  • Evidence indicates players and managers self policed dissent and supported the referees in order to avoid players being sent from the field.  Having the option to use the sin bin also gave referees a greater feeling of control as players knew it was a possibility.

Matchday Processes for administering dissent (this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Single sin bin offences will not result in a £10 admin fee as per usual yellow card offences.  The punishment (being sent to the sin bin) is seen as being served on the day, but is still reported by the referee to the SCFA to count towards misconduct points etc.  This is not a money making scheme therefore!
  • Referees will continue to manage the game as per the laws of the game.
  • There is no designated area for those in the sin bin, they simply leave the field of play until called back by the referee.

The SPL will be providing more information on the website and at the New Season Meetings in September.

All the best,

The Management Committee

SPL End of Season Awards 2017/18

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For the third season running the Surrey Primary League End of Season Awards will be held at the fabulous Kempton Park Racecourse on Sunday 8th July 2018.

We would like to invite players, coaches, managers and their supporters U9, U10 & U11 Fair Play Cup Winners, U11 Graduation Cup Winners, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 & U18 Division Champions, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 & U18 Division Runners Up and the Age Group Respect Award Winners.

Please find further information below:

U9, U10 & U11 Trophy: Teams will be presented with a team trophy
U12 – U18 Trophies & Plaques: 1st placed teams will be presented with a trophy. Players from teams finishing 1st and 2nd will receive a plaque.

Format: Team managers will be asked to say a few words before their players receive their medal/trophy.

Timings: Please find details of the start times below. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of your presentation.

  • U9s & U10s will start at 9:30am
  • U11s – 10:15am
  • U12s – 11am
  • U13s – 12pm
  • U14s – 1pm
  • U15s – 2pm
  • U16s – 3pm
  • U17s & U18s – 4pm

Dress code: We ask that players are dressed smartly. You can also wear the team kit.

Directions: http://kempton.thejockeyclub.co.uk/plan-your-race-day/visitor-information/directions-parking

Parking: There is plenty of free parking available at the venue.

Refreshments: Hot food and drinks will be available including Bacon Sandwiches and Costa Coffee for the early presentations and Pizza, Pies and Fish and Chips for the lunch and afternoon sessions. There will be an onsite bar selling drinks throughout the day.

Photographer: We have arranged for professional photographers to attend the presentation day. Individual and team photos will be available to buy on the day or online after the event.

2018/19 Club and Team Registration Open

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The 2018/19 online application forms for new and returning clubs and teams can be found here.

Please enter at least one team using the club and team registration below,


Once you have registered at least one team you are welcome to use the shorter extra teams online application form.



Please can you register your as many teams as possible by the end of June, however we will try and accommodate all late registrations to get as many players participating as possible. Teams in the U7, U8, U9, U10 and U11s can register throughout the season.

Important Dates for your Diary

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With the 2017/18 Surrey Primary League season rapidly coming to a close we thought it would be useful to share the dates for the following events before we all get a little rest over the summer.

Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th May 2018
U7, U8, U9 & 10 Simon Hedley Fun Festival
More details here


Thursday 21st June 2018
Annual General Meeting @ Woking FC
(All 2017/18 member clubs must send a representative)


Sunday 8th July 2018
End of Season Awards @ Kempton Park Race Course

Invited teams are:
U9, U10 & U11 Fair Play Cup Winners
U11 Graduation Cup Winners
U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 & U18 Division Champions
U12, U13, U14, U15, U16, U17 & U18 Division Runners Up
Respect Award Winners


Sunday 16th September 2018
The 2018/19 Season Begins

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