FA Sin Bin pilot update

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You will be aware the 2017/18 season saw the roll out of temporary dismissals (sin bins) across a selection of leagues across the country, which included the Surrey Primary League. For the SPL we have seen the number of dissent cautions fall from 55 to 29, reduction of 53%. We also received great feedback from match officials and managers on how it improved player to official communication.

Thank you for the match officials, managers, coaches, players and parents that have adapted to include this new Rule into the SPL. As a League Committee we feel it is important to be at the forefront of any initiatives which have the aim to improve behaviour and experiences. The roll out to all Leagues in 2019/20 is justification that we made the right decision.

Anthony ‘Mac’ Mcbirnie has provided some useful insight into the benefits of the Siin Bin on page 6 of the Woking RA Warbler, http://wokingreferees.co.uk/Warbler/February%202018%20final.pdf 

The positive impact of the pilot in reducing dissent has been vast and this success means that in 2018/19 the pilot will be extended to a further 60+ leagues. Further confirmation has been sent that sin bins for dissent will become compulsory at step 7 and below from the 2019/20 season

Results of the pilot nationally:

  • Dissent generally accounts for 25% of all caution offences so is an issue.
  • Dissent cautions within the pilot fell by 38% across the Country.
  • 25 of the 31 leagues saw a drop in overall dissent.
  • When suveyed 80% of referees, 77% of coaches and 70% of clubs wanted the pilot to continue.
  • Incidents of multiple dissent cautions (3 or more players cautioned for dissent in any single game) occurred in less than 1% of all the 135,000 games surveyed.  Games abandoned for not having enough players on the pitch is therefore VERY unlikely!
  • Evidence indicates players and managers self policed dissent and supported the referees in order to avoid players being sent from the field.  Having the option to use the sin bin also gave referees a greater feeling of control as players knew it was a possibility.

Matchday Processes for administering dissent (this is not an exhaustive list)

  • Single sin bin offences will not result in a £10 admin fee as per usual yellow card offences.  The punishment (being sent to the sin bin) is seen as being served on the day, but is still reported by the referee to the SCFA to count towards misconduct points etc.  This is not a money making scheme therefore!
  • Referees will continue to manage the game as per the laws of the game.
  • There is no designated area for those in the sin bin, they simply leave the field of play until called back by the referee.

The SPL will be providing more information on the website and at the New Season Meetings in September.

All the best,

The Management Committee

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