Simon Hedley Football Fun Festival 2018

We are pleased to confirm that registration is now open for the 2017 Fun Festival can announced to all U7, U8, U9 and U10 teams. There is a limit of 32 teams per age group and registration is on a first come first served basis.

The annual festival will be held on the 19th and 20th May 2018 at Farncombe Youth FC, Meades Park, Green Lane, Farncombe, GU7 3TB. 

Saturday 20th – U7 (AM), U9 (PM)
Sunday 21st – U8 (AM), U10 (PM)

Simon Hedley was an inspirational person who served the Surrey Primary League for many years. Those who were lucky enough to have met and worked with Simon will never forgot his great sense of humour and generous nature. He promoted sportsmanship and fair play and the Fun Festival is a fitting legacy to his memory.

Festival Details

Venue & Parking: Farncombe Youth FC, Meades Park, Green Lane, Farncombe, Godalming, GU7 3TB

  • This is a free event however there will be a charge of £2 per car payable on entry to the car park.
  • Please note that Farncombe Youth have generously offered their ground for this event and we do not want to cause any distress to their neighbours therefore parking is ONLY available on site and vehicles parked on the roadside may be clamped and/or removed by the Police.


  • U7 & U8
    • Format: 5v5 
    • Maximum Squad Size: 10
    • Arrive and Team Registration: 9:00am
    • First Matches: 9:30am
    • Final: 11:25am
  • U9 & U10
    • Format = 7v7 
    • Maximum Squad Size = 14
    • Arrive and Team Registration: 12:30pm
    • First Matches: 13:00 pm
    • Final: 15:45 pm

Format: Teams will be split into groups using their results during the season. The results from these groups will then be used to split into a maximum of four knock out competitions.

All players will be awarded with a SPL participation medal. WInning and Runner Up teams will be awarded a Cup/Plate.

2018 Teams

Under 10s

AFC Brooklands Falcons U10
AFC Brooklands Hawks U10
Byfleet Village U10
Chertsey Town Juniors Whites U10
Farncombe Youth Leopards U10
Farncombe Youth Lions U10
Goldsworth Park Rangers Hawks U10
Guildford City B&G Dynamites U10
Guildford City B&G Dynamos U10
Guildford Saints Eagles U10
Guildford Saints Falcons U10
Hersham Youth Warriors U10
Knaphill Athletic Youth Raptors U10
Mini Tekkers Tigers U10
Molesey Juniors Eagles U10
Molesey Juniors Falcons U10
Molesey Juniors Harriers U10
Send United Lightning U10
Skills Panthers U10
Staines Lammas Youth Blues U10
Staines Lammas Youth Foxes U10
Staines Lammas Youth Reds U10
Staines Lammas Youth Stingers U10
Staines Town Juniors U10
West London Youth U10
Windlesham United Youth Warriors U10
Woking Town Colts U10
Woking Town Youth U10
Worplesdon Rangers Panthers U10
Worplesdon Rangers Pumas U10

Under 9s

Abbey Rangers Youth U9
AFC Brooklands Falcons U9
AFC Brooklands Hawks U9
AFC Brooklands Kestrels U9
Byfleet Village U9
Chobham Youth U9
Farncombe Youth Chargers U9
Farncombe Youth Titans U9
Goldsworth Park Rangers Sea Lions U9
Goldsworth Park Rangers Sharks U9
Guildford City B&G Dynamites U9
Guildford City B&G Dynamos U9
Guildford City B&G Rockets U9
Guildford Saints Hawks U9
Guildford Saints U9
Knaphill Athletic Youth Dynamites U9
Mayford Athletic Condors U9
Mayford Athletic Eagles U9
Mayford Athletic Falcons U9
Milford Pumas Youth Jaguars U9
Staines Lammas Youth Blues U9
Windlesham United Youth Raiders U9
Windlesham United Youth Wolves U9
Woking Cougars Whites U9
Woking Town Blues U9
Worplesdon Rangers Pirates U9
Yateley United Youth Rockets U9
Yateley United Youth Tigers U9

Under 8s

AFC Brooklands Falcons U8
AFC Brooklands Hawks U8
Burpham Juniors U8
Byfleet Village Mustangs U8
Elm Grove Zebras U8
Farncombe Youth Chiefs U8
Farncombe Youth Steelers U8
Goldsworth Park Rangers Avengers U8
Goldsworth Park Rangers Vikings U8
Goldsworth Park Rangers Warriors U8
Guildford City B&G Dynamos U8
Guildford City B&G Rockets U8
Guildford Saints Cobras U8
Guildford Saints Pythons U8
Haslemere Town Youth Hornets U8
Mayford Athletic Tigers U8
Raynes Park Tigers Blacks U8
Raynes Park Tigers Reds U8
Sandhurst Town B&G Rangers U8
Sandhurst Town B&G Reds U8
Sandhurst Town B&G United U8
Send United Spitfires U8
Staines Lammas Youth Blues U8
Staines Lammas Youth Reds U8
Staines Lammas Youth Whites U8
Staines Town Juniors U8
Twickenham Tigers U8
West London Youth Vikings U8
Woking Town Youth U8
Woking Town Youth Wolves U8
Worplesdon Rangers Werewolves U8
Worplesdon Rangers Wolves U8

Under 7s

Abbey Rangers Colts U7
Abbey Rangers Diamonds U7
Abbey Rangers U7
Abbey Rangers Youth U7
Burpham Juniors Jaguars U7
Burpham Juniors Leopards U7
Byfleet Village Cobras U7
Byfleet Village Mustangs U7
Chertsey Town Juniors U7
Dundonald United Reds U7
Dundonald United Yellows U7
Goldsworth Park Rangers Cardinals U7
Goldsworth Park Rangers Chargers U7
Guildford City B&G Hurricanes U7
Guildford City B&G Tornadoes U7
Guildford Saints Jaguars U7
Horsley Eagles U7
Manorcroft United U7
Mayford Athletic Lions U7
Mayford Athletic Tigers U7
Raynes Park Tigers Blacks U7
Skills Panthers U7
Staines Lammas Youth Blues U7
Staines Lammas Youth Whites U7
Staines Town Juniors Youth U7
Windlesham United Youth Dolphins U7
Windlesham United Youth Sharks U7
Woking Town Youth Colts U7
Woking Town Youth U7
Worplesdon Rangers Allstars U7
Worplesdon Rangers Eagles U7