Once a player has been added to your club, you may then also assign them to one or more teams within your club.

Step 1: From your main view of Players, select one or more players by checking the box alongside their names.


Step 2: At the top of the screen, a ribbon will appear with various options to select.In this instance, you will choose the option to “Assign to Teams”


Step 3: A pop-up box will appear, which will tell you which of the teams the player concerned is eligible to play for (this will be based on the age and gender of the player, along with the age group and the gender for the team concerned, which will have been set when the club affiliated with their County FA). If you cannot see a team which you expect to see, you will need to check whether they have been affiliated correctly with your County FA.


Step 4: Select the team or teams required, and click on “Add Players to Selected Teams”.


The player(s) concerned will be added to the team(s) selected, and this will be shown on your main view of Players within the club. Each team will also have a button alongside it which allows the club to remove the player from that team if required.



What do I do if a team does not appear?
If a team does not appear, you can check whether it has been added to the system by using the filter for Team on the left hand side of the set of filters. If it is not present, you will need to speak to your County FA, as the team may not have been affiliated.

Can I add a player to more than one team?
Yes, a player can be added to more than one team.

What do I do if a team is not in the list for adding a player to?
If a team does not appear for a particular player, it may be because of a mismatch in the gender of the team and player (e.g. the player is female, and the team has been affiliated as male when it should have been mixed) or because the date of birth of the player does not permit them to play for the team concerned. If you contact your County FA, they will be able to check and amend the data if required.

If I add a player to a team this season, will they remain with the team next season?
Yes, players will continue with their existing teams for the new season, whether they are youth players moving up an age group with their team (e.g. members of the U12’s become members of the U13’s) or adult players remaining with the same team. You will be able to make any amendments if required for the new season.