The default access to the pages for management of player data in Whole Game System are for the Club Secretary, Club Chairman and Club Treasurer, plus the Club Welfare Officer where appropriate. In order to share the administrative load, clubs may wish to nominate other officers within their club to share the workload of management of their player data.

Step 1:  To add a Player Registration Officer, the Club Secretary should navigate to the Club Officials tab on the left hand menu, before selecting the Add Official button.


Step 2: You may either Search by FAN (most common) or Search by Details. Both will set out what information is required (i.e. FAN and Date of Birth) before you can select Search.


Step 3: The matching individual will be displayed with a check box to the left of the FAN which must be selected. From the Select Role dropdown choose Player Registration Officer and then Select start date. Once these fields have been populated, the OK button will become available.

Once you have clicked OK, the individual will be added to the club as a Player Registration Officer. There is no restriction on the number of Player Registration Officers a club may have.



Does a Club have to nominate Player Registration Officers? 

No, if a club wishes to restrict access to players to the “Key Officers” they may do so.  Flexibility to add player registration officers has been added because larger clubs may wish to share the registration load across a number of club officials.

Do I have to nominate Key Officers as a Player Registration Officer? 

No, the key officers will have access to the Player Registration pages automatically. This includes Chairman, Treasurer and Club Secretary.


Is there a Limit to the Number of Player Registration Officers? 

No, a club may have as many or as few Player Registration Officers as they choose.


Does a Player Registration Officer have access to all Players within a Club? 

Yes, all players will be members of a club, even if they are then allocated to teams, so the Player Registration Officer will have access to all players within the club.


Can the Player Registration Officer role be removed when registrations are complete?

Yes – removing the role is a straightforward process. Use the same page as you used to allocate them to the role and set a closing date for their role. This will remove their access with this role.