Before the commencement of any match being played in the League or any Cup/Plate Competition under the Leagues jurisdiction the respective managers of each team shall exchange and check the validity of the Surrey Primary League Player Registration Cards for the players involved in the match.

Any complaint or protest about player eligibility is liable to fail if the Club Representative does not comply with the pre-match processes of player identification, as laid down in League Rules. It is important that issues of player eligibility are brought to the immediate attention of the opposition Club Representative and Referee prior to the start of the match.

Directly prior to  the start of the match it  shall be the responsibility of the Club Representative to confirm the eligibility of players  through the processes of checking the opposition team’s Surrey Primary League Player Registration Cards against the opposition squad list and to further check the player identification against the photo on the Player Registration Card.

All discrepancies regarding player identification shall be reported to the match referee (whether Qualified or not) as soon as possible and prior to the start of the match. A report is to be submitted to the Age Group Secretary no later than 3 days after the match has  been played giving full details of  the discrepancy. This should be accompanied by a report from the match referee.

A player who is  unable to produce their Player Registration Card shall be allowed to play but the Club he is playing with shall be fined £150.00 and shall be further dealt with by the committee as they feel appropriate.