Detaching is the process whereby a club may remove from its list of members any players who are no longer part of the club. When a player is detached, their link to the club, as well as their links to any teams within the club will be removed.

Step 1: To view the list of players within your club, navigate to the Player Registration page on your club record. This will display all players who are currently associated with your club record. They may include players added in the past who may no longer be part of the club.

Each player is shown with their name, age (if you hover over the age their date of birth is shown) and FAN record. If a photograph has been added for them this is displayed.Photographs of players are stored and used for registration purposes.  Registration photos held will be stored securely with only the relevant Club and League officials having access. Photographs uploaded within The Whole Game System Portal will not be placed within the public domain.


Step 2: If a player is no longer with a club, they may be removed from the list of club players – this is known as “detaching” the player. To detach a player, check the box alongside their name.


Step 3: At the top of the screen, a ribbon will appear with various options to select. In this instance, you will choose the option to “Detach” the player.


Step 4: Once you click on Detach, a warning will appear reminding you that if you do detach a player, they are removed from your club as well as any teams within your club. A player cannot be detached if they have been league registered. The league will need to cancel the registration before the player can be removed from the club records.


If the player has genuinely left the club, click on Yes to confirm that you are detaching them. Once detached, the player will be moved to the “Detached” section of your Club Players. If necessary, the player may be re-attached from here. This section only shows players detached within the last fourteen days.


Should you wish to re-add the player more than 14 days later, you will need to search for them as detailed earlier in the manual, looking for a new player to add to your Club.



Where do all the old, incorrect player records in WGS come from?
For any player under the age of 16, The FA has uploaded the registered players from the 2019-20 season. Other player records in WGS portal will be a result of a disciplinary action taken against that player whilst playing for your club. This may be many years ago which may mean that some of the records are extremely out-of-date.

Why is it important that I detach these records?
Redundant, out-of-date records have no value to your club and can corrupt your information. Creating a clean starting point for your player registration records will help maintain good data management.

Can I detach more than one player at a time?
Yes, you can select more than one player and choose the detach option, but please be careful to only select players who have left the club.

What should I do if the same player is listed twice?
Do not detach the player record yourself. Please contact your County FA and request that they de-duplicate the player’s records on your behalf. This process may take a couple of days and your County FA may have many records to de-dupe so please be patient.