Teams competiting in the following divisions and cometitions are required to enter their kick off times into Full-Time so that the League can appoint referees.

  • U18 Premier Elite
  • U18 Premier
  • U18 Cup
  • U18 Trophy
  • U17 Premier Elite
  • U17 Premier
  • U17 Championship
  • U17 Division 1
  • U17 Cup
  • U17 Trophy
  • U16 Premier Elite
  • U16 Premier
  • U16 Championship
  • U16 Division 1
  • U16 Senior Cup
  • U16 Senior Trophy

Follow the steps below to enter your kick off time.

Step 1: Log into

Step 2: Click on ‘Fixtures’ and then ‘Update Fixtures’ menu

Step 3: Fixtures have been given a default 08:00 time so we can tell which fixtures have not been updated. Click ‘Edit’ to update a kick off time.

Step 4: Select the kick off time and click Update

That’s it! You can update all your kick off times in one go, if you know them.