Event Volunteers Wanted

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Event Volunteers Wanted

The SPL is run by a small group of volunteers and we need are looking for more people to help run one of our many Finals, Festivals or Awards Day. Last season we organised and ran 40 Cup Finals, a 130 team Festival and an Awards Day where 80 teams attended. With a growing number of teams in the SPL then we are looking for help.

We are not asking for you to volunteer for a full season, just a few hours on a day to help create a special experience for the children involved. We appreciate you already have clubs or teams, a job and a family (so do we) and therefore please feel free to forward onto the parents or guardians of your players.

What we are looking for?
We are looking for anyone who can give up:

  • a morning or;
  • an afternoon or;
  • a full day
For one or more of the following event days. We have 800 people involved in running teams and 13000 parents who, if volunteered for a few hours would take the burden off a few people who gave up 4 or 5 weekends last season.

Upcoming Events

The following events are scheduled:

  • SPL Cup & Trophy Finals
    • Sunday 31st March 2019
    • Sunday 7th April 2019
    • Sunday 28th April 2019
    • Sunday 12th May 2019
  • SPL Fun Festival
    • U7s & U9s – Saturday 18th May 2019
    • U8s & U10s – Sunday 19th May 2019
  • SPL Awards Day
    • Sunday 7th July 2019

How to respond?
To register as a SPL Event volunteer, please complete this short online form . You will be provided with refreshments and I am sure you will enjoy seeing the smiles that the events.

Event Volunteers 2018/19

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