Are you ready…..? Follow the 8 steps below to prepare for a fixture in the Surrey Primary League. Following these eight simple steps will make our volunteer lives much easier!

#1  Find your opposition’s up-to-date contact details. Available on the website,

#2 (the home team) (Under 18s, Under 17s and Under 16s teams only) informs the SPL of the kick off time (so we can appoint a referee). Find out how here,

#3 (the home team) requests a referee through the SPL (U7s upto U15s only) if a registered referee has not been appointed by your club. Request a referee here,

#4 (the home team) sends details to the opposition 6 days prior to the fixture. That’s Monday for a Sunday fixture.

  • Venue Address and other useful directions

  • Kick off time (must be between 10am – 2pm unless agreed by both teams)

  • Kit colour

  • Recommended footwear

  • Referee’s name

#5 (the away team) chases up the home team, if you haven’t heard anything by the Tuesday before the Sunday fixture.

#6 If there is kit clash the home team organises a change of kit or bibs

#7 Make sure ALL your players have been registered and then Both teams have DOWNLOADED or PRINTED your player registration cards (your Club Secretary or SPL Club Co-ordindator can do this) through here. Instructions to download the cards are available here,


It is a each team’s responsibility to present their cards and then check their opposition cards before EVERY fixture.


REMEMBER: The cut off for players to be submitted for approval is the Thursday (23:59) before the Sunday

#8 (the Home team) makes sure they have enough cash to pay the referee before the fixture starts