Guidance for Marking Match Officials

Referees shall be given a mark by both the Home and Away Teams, on their appropriate result sheet and on FA Full Time. The mark awarded by a club must be based on the Referee’s overall performance. It is most important that the mark is awarded fairly and not based upon isolated incidents or previous games. The Referee’s performance should be determined by the table below which should act as a guide for the overall mark which should fall within range for each standard of performance.

100-86  | The Referee demonstrated very accurate decision- making and controlled the game very well using management and communication skills effectively to add value to the game.

85-76 | The Referee demonstrated accurate decision-making and controlled the game well using management and communication skills to contribute positively to the game.

75-61 | The Referee demonstrated reasonably accurate decision- making and despite some shortcomings generally controlled the game well.

60 and below | The Referee demonstrated shortcomings in the accuracy of decision-making and control which affected the game.