Code of Conduct
Managers, Coaches and Helpers

This Code of Conduct exists to protect the children and all involved with the running of Member Clubs, to reassure parents/guardians that you take your responsibilities seriously by:-

  • Always identify yourselves to parents/guardians before you approach any of the children, until you know who they are
  • Only working with groups of three children or more, at a ground agreed by your Club, using techniques and guidelines formally adopted by your Club
  • Not giving lifts to children, when you are on our own, without parental consent, ensuring the transport is safe and secure, for the respective age group and size of the children
  •  Not entering a changing room, or confined area, unless you are with another adult
  • Not administering any form of massage, treatment, or medication. The only exceptions to this are to be either on the field of play, or the touchline
  •  Avoiding situations, or conduct, that could offend, or be misinterpreted, in any way, by the children, or spectators
  • Never using physical force to admonish, or correct, inappropriate behaviour regardless of whether you have consent, or lawful right
  •  Never admonishing, or correcting, inappropriate behaviour in a demeaning, bullying, or threatening way. Any withdrawal of rights should be appropriate and capable of being enforced
  • Ensuring that each player is correctly dressed with the necessary equipment, shin pads etc., before being allowed to play
  •  Recording the numbers and names of the children in your charge, at every match, training session, or event
  •  Undertaking to attend courses arranged by your Club, or League, to improve skills in First Aid, Football Coaching and Leadership
  •  Undertaking to actively ensure compliance to this Code of Conduct, by drawing attention to your Club of any non-compliance