Step 1: Once a player has been added to your club, each season you will be required to obtain their consent to play. This can be done in two ways, firstly Online Consent, and secondly Offline Consent.


At the top of the screen, a ribbon will appear with various options to select.



If the player is under 16 years of age, a parent or guardian with an email address will need to be associated with the player record to gain online consent.

When a club “Requests Consent” against a player, Whole Game System will validate that there is an email address associated with the player’s FAN record.


If there is no email address associated with the player, then an error message will be displayed informing the club that there is no email address and consequently the online consent request cannot be generated.

If an email address is present for the player/parent, WGS sends a personalised email containing a unique link. On clicking “RESPOND TO REQUEST” within the email, this opens a page within the browser (the player/parent does not need to log into WGS).


Player/parent is asked to validate their own DOB to navigate to the next screen – at this stage the player/parent agrees or declines to play for the specified club.


The consent status is then updated in WGS from Pending to Consent – Accepted Online if accepted.

The player will then receive a personalised email confirming their choice.



If you click on the “Confirm Offline Consent” as shown above, you are confirming you have a completed Player Registration Form, which the Club will have meeting your League Requirements. Failure to provide this form if selected for a spot check, will bring further action from your League.