Code Of Conduct

The Surrey Primary League will endeavour to maximise the safety, development, confidence and enjoyment of all Member Clubs.

The League believes that it is in the best interests of the sport that we observe certain standards of behaviour, to make the game more enjoyable and safe for everyone by:-

  • Researching and considering the individual needs of each child in your care, by encouraging and respecting sporting achievement
  • Never arguing with the Referee, Assistant Referee, or Linesperson.
  • Never using foul or abusive language, or behave badly, towards other players, officials or anyone else.
  •  Retiring quickly to the required distance when a free-kick is given against your opponents.
  •  Not appealing for throw-ins, of-sides or free-kicks, etc
  • Not taking advantage of an opponent, when given the ball for a throw-in, free- kick etc., or for being out of position
  • Giving the ball, promptly, to your opponents, for throw-ins and free-kicks, etc.
  • Keeping your self-control at all times and not retaliating
  • Not over reacting when your team scores a goal
  • Always displaying a positive attitude. Approaching training and matches with the right attitude and commitment, being punctual and preparing properly
  • Respecting your team mates, manager, or trainer
  • Defeating your opponents by skill and not by unfair means
  • Accepting victory modestly and defeat graciously, remembering that your Club will be judged by your behaviour.
  • Being a team player, putting the interests of your team before yourself
  • Playing for the ‘fun of it’ and not just to please your parents, or manager.