All teams for all SPL fixtures must present and check the player registration cards before every match. It is important that we ensure only registered players are taking part in Surrey Primary League fixtures.
Your club secretary can download your player registration cards and you can present on your phone/tablet or as a printed document.

If your opposition can not present their cards to you prior to kick off, League advise is to not play the match because you also will be breaking a League rule.

You need to report any occurrence to your club secretary who then needs to email details to

It is a £10 fine for both teams for a first offence when not checking SPL player registration cards (2nd offence is £20, 3rd offence is £30 and subsequent Offences an increase of £10.00 per Offence.).

If you then play the match you can receive and addition fine up to £50 per player because the player is ineligible when a card has not been checked.

Club Secretaries or Club SPL Coordinators for your club have access to download the player registration cards for each team by following the instructions below.

If it is not possible to give team managers access. Playing an unregistered player carries a substantial fine and reputational damage to the League and its members.

The cards can be printed or displayed on a digital device (phone, Ipad etc…) but a flat battery is not an acceptable excuse to being unable to show to the opposition.


  1. In your browser’s address bar, type and press Enter.


  1. Enter your log in details, which have been emailed previously.

  1. Click on the View players menu.


  1. Select the team and change ‘ID Status’ to ‘Approved.


  1. A new button will be displayed. Tick ‘Print Cards’ and then click ‘Search. The system will now generate the cards into a downloadable PDF which can then be saved and emailed (or printed) to the relevant team.



  • Where you have a multiple teams in an age group you may need to send the team card to multiple managers incase a player is playing up from their registered teams.
  • For non-competitive age groups, where players can play for any team if will also need to provide the team cards to each team manager, if appropriate.


For a player to be eligible to play a team manager must present their team card and also the player must be listed on the Official Player Registration List (this does not need to be presented at the match). This is available 24/7. This list shows when the player was approved to play and which teams they can play for.

*the player must meet all registration requirements.