When you access the Player Registration page for your club, you will see listed any players who have been previously associated with your club through Whole Game System.

In addition, there is functionality to search for a player at the top of the screen, to allow you to identify and add any players who are also members of your club, but are not currently linked to them within Whole Game System. These players may well already have a FAN record, so you will need to search for them first, and only create a new record if you cannot find an existing FAN record.

Step 1: To search for a new player, click on the Search for Player button at the top of the screen. This will take you to the Add Players screen where you can search to see if the player has an existing FAN record.

Step 2: When you search for a player, First and surname or FAN, plus Date of Birth are mandatory. We recommend that the first search you make does not include the postcode.

Step 4a: If this search results in a single FAN record being matched to the criteria you have provided, the player concerned will be returned, and may be added to your club by clicking on “Add Player”.


Step 5a: If the player concerned is under the age of 16, you will also need to confirm that you have consent from that player’s parent/ guardian to access their details – i.e. they have confirmed that the player is a member of your club.

This is an “offline” process – i.e. you should have a form which has been signed by the player’s parent/guardian.

Step 6a: Once you click on “Add Player”, the player will be associated with your club, and will appear on the main list of players for your club.  You will also be provided with the option of adding in the details of any other current clubs with whom the player is associated.


Step 4b: Multiple matching FANs found

If your search for a player results in more than one FAN being returned as a possible match,  a popup will appear informing you that more than one match has been found.

This may be due to there being more than one person on the system with the same details, or may be because the individual concerned has more than one FAN record.


Step 5b: Try adding the postcode for the individual concerned to see if you can narrow down the search to find one record.


If you cannot successfully narrow down the search to a single record, please contact your County FA. They will be able to check whether there are duplicated FAN records for the player concerned, and de-duplicate them if necessary, as well as advising you of the correct FAN record to use to add the player to your club.

To try and reduce the number of duplicate records in WGS, our system will complete a “fuzzy” search whereby it checks, full name and DOB, if no result is returned, it will then check first 3 letters of the first name, as well as surname and DOB and finally the first initial alongside surname and DOB.

If you are not sure whether the player may already have a FAN, please check with your County FA.


Step 6b: The first half of the screen to add a new player will confirm the first name, last name and date of birth of the player concerned, and ask you to confirm the gender of the player concerned.


Alongside this section are the contact details for the player concerned.

You must provide an email address OR a postal Address for a player over the age of 16. If you enter a  postcode, click on “Lookup address”.


This will provide the user with a popup which provides a search of all addresses which match the postcode provided, and allows you to select the address required.


Once the address has been completed, email and telephone are optional. This was not be displayed if the player is aged under 16.


Step 7:A photograph of the player is required as part of the registration process.  Registration photos held will be stored securely with only the relevant Club and League officials having access. Photographs uploaded within The WGS portal will not be placed within the public domain.

There is functionality to either Drag and Drop a photo onto the page, or search for the file to upload. Once added this photograph may be cropped or rotated as required. When you are happy with the photograph click on Continue. “Save New Player” to save all of the data you have input, and create the new FAN record for the player concerned. If you do not click on “Save New Player”, the data will be lost.


Once the player has been created, the player will be added to your list of Players. Note that it may take a few minutes or hours for their FAN to be generated, so if a player initially is shown with a FAN of #0 do not worry, this will be updated in due course.

If the player concerned is under the age of 16, you have the option to record the details of the player’s main Parent/Guardian by selecting the name of the player and choosing the option to Add Parent/Guardian.


You are asked to provide the first name, last and date of birth for the Parent/Guardian.

Date of birth is included so that The Football Association or a County FA can verify the identity of the person who is associated with the youth record, which is essential for maintaining the security of the player data held.

If an email address or a telephone number is provided, this will be stored against the record for the Parent/Guardian, and not against the player.

Once the Parent/Guardian’s details have been provided, click on “Add Guardian”.


Once the contact details for player and/or Parent/Guardian have been provided click on the Continue button at the bottom of the page. You will be warned if any mandatory fields have not been completed


Why do I have to search for a player before adding them?

Many players will already have a FAN record, and we want to avoid creating duplicated records where possible. Please try and search to find a player before creating a new record.

Why is date of birth required for Parental Records?
This will help a County FA, or The Football Association to validate the identity of an individual who is linked to the youth player record.

If I provide my email address, what will it be used for?
We will not provide your email address to a third party without your permission. It may be used for administrative purposes, or to contact you to ask your opinion on initiatives being run by the Football Association, or your local County FA.