Season 2020-21 Update

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Afternoon All

Following on from the survey that we asked clubs to complete, we can now update on those results and how they shape the plans for the new season
The number of survey returns was disappointing but as we had already said we will take the majority view of our member clubs as far as how this season happens

As far as the season start date – this will be Sunday 13th September

The format of the season, as far as League games, will be the same as in previous seasons as below

Development Football – teams placed in groups based on how they finished in 2019-20 with new teams placed as best as we can based on the input from the clubs. The groups will change during the season with the goal of having teams playing others of a similar ability as the season progresses

Competitive Football – teams placed in divisions using last seasons final placings and for new teams based on the input from the clubs – important to note that the divisions will look different once we see the impact of new teams and teams that may have left us. We are looking to keep division sizes at a number that gives us all every chance to complete the schedule.
There will be no changes made from when the divisions are issued until we have seen some fixtures played – they will only be reviewed during the October Half Term and changes made where we can – there is no guarantee that we can please everyone in this part of the process.

Cup Competitions – these will be held back for now – once we see how the season goes and any potential further impact from Covid-19 we will review again and make a decision – this is likely to be in the New Year to allow us to get as much of the league schedule played as possible.

Next Steps

The SPL team are working on items as below and we will update further as things progress – there will then be updates as any further team changes come through

1. Age Group Structures –  these will be finalised and loaded to Whole Game System and Full Time
2. Fixture Schedules – will follow the above and again be loaded to the system
3. Age Group Contacts – this is being worked on now and once we have all information in we will populate the League website and send out the access to team contacts

Actions for you as Clubs

There have been mails across the weekend where we need further information to make sure that our records match what clubs have entered  to Whole Game as part of their affiliation to their respective County FA

Teams missing in Whole Game – if you have been mailed on this please check that all of your teams are affiliated and assigned to play in the SPL.

Club Information – some requests sent out to ask for further club details to be sure that we have the right information to populate the league website.

Whole Game Admin – there will be a data transfer from Whole Game to Full Time for the contact information that Full Time will hold for sending out fixture updates and the SMS process for results. For this to work please ensure that all of your teams have the correct contacts in Whole Game – for any teams where this may be an admin person rather than the listed Coach it is important that this is done as quickly as possible by adding the person/role.

Player Registration – please try to keep on top of this and while we understand the process is different in real terms it takes no longer than the old process – where possible share the task within your club and then remove the Player Registration roles once the season starts.

And finally…..

As we have already said this season is going to be one where we all need to be flexible and ready to react to any impact that Covid-19 might present.

From the League committee our goal is to give all involved with the league as much organised football as we can but we have to be mindful that decisions may have to be made that wont please everyone – please respect that as a committee we are looking at the bigger picture and the safety and wellbeing of all has to stay at the top of the list.

Lets hope that things continue to improve and that games can get started in a safe environment across all clubs and venues

If there are any questions or concerns then please send them to

Andy Kelly
League Chairman

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