Code of Conduct
Parents and Supporters

The Surrey Primary League will endeavour to maximise the safety, development, confidence and enjoyment of all Member Clubs.

The League believes that it is important that all parents and supporters set a proper example of behaviour for young players to follow by:-

  • LEARNING THE LAWS OF ASSOCIATION FOOTBALL – you will then appreciate how difficult interpretation can be. Do not enter the Field of Play unless invited to do so by the Referee.
  • NEVER USING FOUL OR ABUSIVE LANGUAGE – do not shout abuse at match officials,  players, or other spectators.
  • NEVER TAKING THE LAW INTO YOUR OWN HANDS  – let your Club, or team representative, deal with any problems that may arise.
  • NEVER BEING DRAWN INTO DISPUTES – do not become involved in an argument, or dispute, with match officials, players, or other spectators.
  • SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE TO YOUNG PLAYERS – your conduct and attude can be copied by them.
  • RECOGNISING GOOD SPORTING BEHAVIOUR – show that you appreciate sportsmanship on the field.
  • APPRECIATING GOOD FOOTBALL –  show that you appreciate good football, by whichever team. Never scold a child for making a mistake during a game.
  • CONSIDERING OTHERS – even if excited by the game yourself, remember and consider other spectators, young and old. Always display courtesy and consideration to players and spectators from other teams. Do not leave everything to the manager, offer to help whenever you can.
  • REMEMBERING WALLS HAVE EARS – remarks you may make, even in the dressing room, could be detrimental to your Club.
  • REMEMBERING YOUTH FOOTBALL IS A GAME OF ENJOYMENT FOR BOYS AND GIRLS – support the boys and girls in a manner which will maintain the high reputation that the League has acquired for sporting behaviour. Never force an unwilling child to participate in football, against their will.