Step 1: In order to submit to the Surrey Primary League, you will have to ensure you have met the requirements set in order to register a player.

You should be checking the following:-

  • Is the player assigned to the correct Team(s)? See how here
  • Do you have consent from the Player (or parent if under the age of 16)? See how here
  • Have you added any relevant ID Checks? See how here
  • Have you added a photo to the player records? See how here

If your answer to the above is yes to all , you are ready to submit to the Surrey Primary League by following the guidance below.

Step 2: If you tick the box of the player/players you wish to submit to the League, you will see the options appear at the top of the page, which includes “Submit to League”.

Step 3: On clicking this button, you will see a prompt in regards to International Clearance, which asked the two questions above.


Please ensure you do ask the Player/s if they have played outside of England before, as if so they may require International Clearance. Further details can be found on the and Clubs can use the link when asked this question to gain further details.

Step 4a: If the answer is no, go ahead and confirm none of the players have been registered outside of England before, and submit your registrations. (Tick Box 1)

Step 4b: If the answer is yes, but they have clearance which you have seen proof of, you can go ahead and confirm that players who have played outside of England have International Clearance, and submit your registrations. (Tick Box 2)

Step 4c: If the answer is yes, and you have no proof of clearance, do NOT submit your registration, and seek confirmation from the player. If this is available, you can contact Registrations@TheFA.Com with the player details, and they will assist you further in confirming clearance, or ensuring you are able to complete the process to have the player cleared to play.


Once submitted the registration will be reviewed and either approved or rejected (with comment) by the Surrey Primary League officials.